$400 CASH REBATE ON Panasonic 4K/HD DVX200

Purchase an AG-DVX200 4K/HD handheld camcorder between July 1, 2017 and through September 30, 2017 from DVG to be eligible to receive a $400 cash rebate!

Production Projects

  • 4K Editorial System

    Sprocket Media Works - Richmond, Virginia

    DVG designed and installed a complete 4K editing environment for Sprocket Media Works in Richmond Virginia. + Read More

  • Shared Editing Environment and Asset Management System

    The Martin Agency - Richmond, Virginia

    When The Martin Agency needed to expand their shared editing and storage needs they contacted Digital Video Group, Inc. + Read More

  • HD Editorial, SAN, Encoding

    Renegade Productions - Hunt Valley, Maryland

    Digital Video Group partnered with Renegade Productions to upgrade their production facility. + Read More

  • HD Editorial and SAN

    GMMB - Washington, DC

    Digital Video Group, Inc. recently designed and installed a Shared Editing Environment for GMMB in Washington, DC. + Read More

  • HD Editing Systems and Shared Area Network

    M2 Pictures - Hampton, Virginia

    Digital Video Group, Inc. recently designed and installed a HD production environment for M2 Pictures in Hampton Virginia. + Read More