Grass Valley Live Production in an IP Future Seminar at DVG Integral 2016

Grass Valley will be discussing “How Do I Choose the Best Standards for Live Production in an IP Future” at DVG Integral Prime 2016. The seminar will be hosted by Chuck Meyer  Chief Technology Officer, Production for Grass Valley.

Internet technology has permeated every facet of our lives.  It has simultaneously disrupted traditional “brick and mortar” business models which require volume for economic scale while enabling affordable personalization of goods and services.  Monitor manufacturers are providing unprecedented options for consumers.  Today, you can buy monitors for 2K, 4K and UHD.  In the very near future, 8K resolution monitors will be an option.  It is probable that consumer choice will dictate which formats win.  And it is equally likely that consumer viewing style for a given media genre may dictate the format, for example, mobile video for news and UHD viewing of movies in the home on a larger screen.

Incorporating Internet technology into content creation, production and delivery seems like a very logical approach for the design and construction of future television production facilities.  Therefore it is important to understand which standards are suited to which applications.  In turn the technology behind these standards supports why they offer their unique value.  By understanding the standards and their technology, the ability to develop agile, flexible factories which exploit IP technology is ensured.

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About Mr. Meyers:

Mr. Meyer is Chief Technology Officer – Production with Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, where he is actively involved with IP technology for live production applications.  He is actively participating with the Video Services Forum and the Joint Task Force on Network Interoperability supported by SMPTE, VSF and the EBU.   He was previously Co-Founder, President and CEO of NVISION where he authored “The Book” which freely shared the techniques he developed, and which are still in use today, enabling the rapid adoption of digital audio for broadcast and post-production.  He architected and led the development of the first HD-SDI and 3 Gbps routers and the industry’s lowest latency integrated hybrid audio-video routers.

Mr. Meyer studied at University of California at Berkeley, where he was a graduate fellow.  As part of his studies, he contributed as a member of the development team for the first RISC micro-processor chip working with Professors David Patterson and Carlo Sequin.  Additionally, he designed a full CMOS, monolithic temperature compensated oscillator to prove the feasibility of single chip Ethernet physical layer ICs.  He holds 28 patents in the areas of IC design, opto-electronics and consumer products with a technical emphasis on baseband data transport, signal conditioning, timing, routing and switching.

In addition to The Book, he has presented numerous papers on broadcast technology at conferences around the world.  He has been published in the SMPTE Journal, and other industry trade publications.