Multi Venue AV and Broadcast Control System

SB Ballard - Norfolk State University - Norfolk, Virginia
Multi Venue AV and Broadcast Control System

Digital Video Group was contracted by SB Ballard Construction to provide the broadcast and audio visual infrastructure for G.W.C Brown Memorial Hall at Norfolk State University.

The project consisted of AV support technologies for an auditorium, AV technologies for a 7.1 theater, a production control room to support both venues, a broadcast center consisting of a studio and a control room, and both audio & video production suites.

The Auditorium at Brown Hall is supported with 24 Shure ULXD digital wireless microphone systems.  The mixing and processing systems are handled by an Allen & Heath dLive S7000 console in the control room and a S3000 console for front of house working with QSC Q-SYS system software.  The 7.1 surround sound is provided by D&B Audiotechnik speaker arrays. A Clearcom intercom system consisting of 15 user stations was used for communication.

The video projection in the auditorium is provided by a Panasonic Super High brightness three chip DLP laser projector emitting 31 thousand lumens. Ancillary projection is supported by three additional Panasonic DLP laser projectors with short throw lenses.  An image blending processor allows a single image to be spanned across all three projectors.

Panasonic AW-HE130 remote PTZ controlled cameras are positioned throughout the auditorium to provide capture and live broadcast of events.

The Theater at Brown Hall is supported by 16 Shure ULXD digital wireless microphone systems.  The mixing and processing systems are handled by an Allen & Heath dLive S3000 console using QSC Q-SYS system software.  Sound reinforcement comes from a D&B Audiotechnik speaker array and a Clearcom intercom system was used for communications.

Projection for the theater is accomplished with a Panasonic PT-RZ12KU 3 chip DLP laser projector producing 12 thousand lumens of brightness. Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ’s were used in the theater as well for recording programs.

A control is room located in adjutant to the Brown Hall Theater providing support for both venues.  Each location has an individual standalone audio system with the flexibility of linking the two together.  A video control room that services both venues includes a Ross 2ME Carbonite video production switcher, Ross 96×128 NK routing switcher, and multiple workstations providing graphic support.

The Broadcast studio includes three Hitachi HD studio video cameras.  Shows are switched on a 3ME Ross Carbonite Black Plus production switcher that also provides multiviewer outputs to four 55” LCD monitors.  Audio is mixed via a Studer Vista 1 Black Edition console. Graphics are created on a two channel Ross Xpression charter generator and clip playback comes from an eight channel Ross Mira video server. Routing of signals is accomplished with a Ross NK 96×96 in conjunction with an Ultrix 48×48 hybrid digital video router.  The router also supports 128 x128 digital audio routing and interfaces to the Studer audio system and a Pro Tools DAW via MADI.  Computer control is managed with a thirty port Adder KVM system.

The audio production suite is centered on a Studer Vista1 Black Edition studio grade digital audio console.  The suite includes an Eventide effects processor, dbx compressor,  Symetrix voice processor, and Genelec studio monitors in a 5.1 array.  An adjacent audio booth supports the production suite.

The entire project consisted of over 2500 individual cable runs covering over 150,000 linear feet.  Over 40 broadcast service panels were installed between the two venues and broadcast center.