HD PEG Channel

Frederick County Board of Supervisors - Winchester, Virginia
HD PEG Channel

DVG designed and installed the new HD production system for the Frederick County, VA Board of Supervisors, in Winchester, VA.  This project updated their aging SD analog production system that was installed in 1996.

The system consists of three Hitachi DK-Z50 three 2/3”CCD broadcast box cameras mounted on Eagle PTZ heads and controlled by an Eagle PTC-55 controller.  The cameras are switched on a Ross CrossOver Solo production switcher.  Additional sources to the switcher are provided bya Ross Xpression Live CG and an Apple TV player, which is interfaced via an Extron DVS-605 scaler.

A Yamaha 01V96 audio console mixes the program output of the client’s Clear One conference room audio system, the Apple TV, and a Tascam Media Player.  Program audio and video is embedded through a Ross openGear MUX card and recorded on an AJA KiPro Rack using the ProRes LT codec. The system is supported by a Ross 34×34 NK router and an Ensemble Designs BE-56 reference generator.

The Ross CrossOver multiviewer output is connected to the router and viewed on a Sharp 47” HD LCD monitor.  A TV Logic LVM-212 provides production video monitoring and a BMD audio speaker provides audio monitoring.

This PEG channel project was completed on time and under budget. Live and recorded streams from this system can be found here.