4K Studio Cameras

Maryland Public Television - Owings Mills, Maryland
4K Studio Cameras

SOUTHWICK, Mass.—Hitachi Kokusai has announced it has completed one of the first deliveries of its new SK-UHD7000-S2 broadcast cameras to Maryland Public Television. The cameras were delivered through Digital Video Group, a longtime Hitachi Kokusai partner based in Ashland, Virginia and are part of the public broadcaster’s recent turnkey production studio upgrade at its Owings Mills headquarters northwest of Baltimore.

Introduced at the NAB 2023 Show in April, the SK-UHD7000-S2 leverages Hitachi Kokusai’s latest HD and 4K camera technology, with 12G 4K acquisition unlocked upon purchasing a 4K camera license upgrade.

Maryland Public Television will use only the camera’s HD content acquisition capabilities until further notice, though its 4K performance and quality were among the customer’s key deciding factors, the company said.

“The combination of technologies acquired for the new studio, including a larger green screen and modernized lighting grids, provide the customer with a genuine path to 4K production,” said Ed Jose, account manager for Digital Video Group. “The combination of SK-UHD7000-S2’s performance and price point stood apart from other HD/4K cameras evaluated, while its superior HD characteristics help the customer capitalize on producing higher quality content within their new, much larger studio space.”

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