Equipment Rental

Projector -Portable 5K Lumens $779/Day
Projection Screen-Portable $259/Day
Digital SLR with Lens $270/Day
USB Microphone $45/Day
ShoeMounted Shotgun Microphone for DSLR $60/Day
Wireless Microphone System $180/Day
2-Stage Tripod System $60/Day
Portable Lighting Kit $389/Day
55 Inch Display $315/Day
75 Inch Display $650/Day
Portable Video Camcorder $400/Day
Conferencing Camera $200/Day
12 Input Analog Audio Mixer $150/Day
Hardware Streaming Encoder $75/Day
2 Speaker PA System with Stands $300/Day
4 Input HDMI Production Switcher $200/Day

Contact your sales manager for further information!