Projects: Religious

HD Broadcast Encoding System - Liberty Broadcast Network
Lynchburg, Virginia

Digital Video Group, Inc. recently partnered with Liberty University to provide them with a HD Broadcast Encoding System for the Liberty Broadcast Network. The encoder was based on a Harris NetVX system to deliver the transmitter an ASI stream and Harris Test and Measurement equipment was used throughout. Telecast Viper systems were used to connect the head end to the transmitter via fiber. AJA FS1's were used for up-conversion and down conversion as well as audio embedding. A Triveni Guide Builder PSIP Generator was used as well as Evertz routing and switching, all of which was monitored with JVC broadcast monitors.

HD Studio Camera Install - First Baptist Church
Richmond, Virginia

Digital Video Group, Inc. recently installed five Sony HDC1400 HD cameras at First Baptist Church in Richmond Virginia. The cameras utilized Fujinon HD lenses and one was installed on a Fujinon PTZ system that is controlled remotely. The cameras were connected via fiber to the control room to the CCU’s.

Avid Unity System - International Mission Board
Richmond, Virginia

The International Mission Board in Richmond Virginia called on Digital Video Group, Inc. to provide them with their Shared Area Network needs. Digital Video Group, Inc. designed the system to include a 2Gig-a-bit switch with optical fiber connections. Over a tera-byte of on-line storage can be accessed and shared from multiple edit suites as well as from graphic and audio suites. The job done on time, on budget , and all of their archived footage was moved to the new system with no loss of data.